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The MindMeld API: Getting Started With the iOS SDK

April 24, 2014

Hit the ground running with our iOS SDK and learn about all the steps you need to take to start building awesome contextual apps for iOS. 

When you’re done, check out this screencast that explains how to use real-time push events.

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Expect Labs at MIT Technology Review’s Digital Summit: Innovations & Ideas Fueling Our Connected World

April 23, 2014


We’re delighted to be attending MIT Technology Review’s annual Digital Summit, an event that brings together companies and individuals who are “at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution.” Our CEO, Tim Tuttle, will join Genevieve Bell of Intel Labs, Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures, wearables pioneer Thad Starner, and many other tech leaders to discuss the innovations that are contributing to an increasingly connected world. Discussions will center on three themes: the Internet of Things, disappearing interfaces, and digital privacy.  

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How Close Are We to Having ‘Thinking Machines?’ Expect Labs on FOX’s Varney & Company

April 22, 2014

Could the A.I. depicted in Transcendence ever come true? Our CEO was featured on the April 18th show of FOX Business Network’s Varney & Company to share his predictions for what the future of artificial intelligence could look like. In the clip above, watch host Stuart Varney interview our founder on the possibility of “thinking machines,” or computer systems that demonstrate humanlike intelligence. Enjoy!

Getting Started With Sample Apps: MindMeld Hello World for iOS

April 18, 2014

Say hello to our Hello World app! Our engineering team has put together a bunch of fully functioning sample apps to demonstrate the immense capabilities of our new developer platform. The first application we’re sharing is MindMeld Hello World, which was built on top of the iOS SDK. To get started, first download the sample code below.

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Smart Homes in Film & Literature: From Ray Bradbury to Disney

April 16, 2014


"Did you feel? Did you see? It’s too real." — "The Veldt"

"Once you get used to this place, any other home is just going to be…a home." — Smart House

In 1999, the Disney Channel released a made-for-TV-movie that smart home enthusiasts of today would drool over. Smart House tells the story of the Coopers, a family that wins an automated home controlled by an intelligent assistant named PAT, short for “Personal Applied Technology.” PAT is a sentient assistant that looks like a maid and acts like a mother, yet is completely virtual. The assistant controls everything in the house, from opening doors to dimming lights. When the family’s son gets upset by his father’s new girlfriend, he reprograms PAT’s personality so she can devise ways to get rid of her. In science fiction, humanlike systems always seem to make the jump from being excitingly like us to frighteningly like us. PAT becomes power hungry, and her control over the house logistics spreads into her controlling the entire family. We won’t give too much away, but the movie turns into a power struggle between the virtual maid and the very real family that she serves. 

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The MindMeld API: Introducing Real-Time Push Events

April 15, 2014

The MindMeld API uses push events to notify applications when entity lists have been generated. In the video above, learn how you can start using this powerful feature of the MindMeld platform. 

Follow up with this video for an overview of the Crawl Manager.

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"Mobile Search Moments" & the MindMeld API

April 10, 2014


A year ago, Google partnered with Nielsen to conduct research on the state of mobile search. The study tracked 416 respondents who made 6,303 searches during a two-week period. The chart above illustrates one of the key insights from the study; users search for different categories of information depending on where they are. Contextual cues like location have a tremendous impact on how we search and what we search for. As we continue to rely more and more on our mobile devices, there is a growing need for search that is smarter, faster, and more contextually aware. 

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The MindMeld API: Introducing the Crawl Manager

April 09, 2014

Learn how you can surface contextually relevant content to your users with the power of the MindMeld API Crawl Manager. 

When you’re finished, crawl on over to this screencast that explores the many capabilities of our API Explorer tool.

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Expect Labs at Structure Data: When You’re Talking or Typing, AI is There

April 08, 2014

"Everything needs to be continuous and everything needs to be real time."

At GigaOM’s Structure Data conference, our CEO participated in a panel with Om Malik and Ben Medlock to talk about a world of “persistent search.” The discussion centers on this new kind of anticipatory technology that proactively and constantly delivers relevant information — before users even realize what they need in the first place. 

Watch the entire talk above, and read more on GigaOM.

The Rise & Controversy of Predictive Technology

April 03, 2014


In a recent VentureBeat piece, Devindra Hardawar lays out a balanced view of the developments and ethical issues materializing with the rise of predictive technology. The author provides an overview of key intelligent assistants in the field, including Google Now, Tempo AI, and our own MindMeld app, and writes that the tech powering MindMeld “portends the next wave of predictive innovation.” 

"Imagine never having to sort through your inbox again, having an immaculate record of your finances always available, and getting perfectly curated playlists for a party based on the preferences of who’s attending. The benefits of an A.I. assistant will be hard to resist."

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'Her' vs. Apple's Knowledge Navigator

April 02, 2014



"To give you an idea of how different things may be in just a few years, let’s take a look at the future." 

In 1987, Apple debuted a concept video introducing the Knowledge Navigator; a futuristic assistant that foreshadowed the intelligent assistants of today. Spearheaded by John Sculley, the Knowledge Navigator was an impressive mashup of Siri, MindMeld, Skype, and Google Now, and was accessible through touch and voice alone. The idea was conceptualized three years before the World Wide Web was even introduced, and nearly twenty years before touch-driven devices gained a stronghold. 

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The MindMeld API: Introducing the Explorer

April 01, 2014

Explore the multiple ways you can use our API Explorer to experiment with all of the endpoints available on the MindMeld platform. 

Continue your MindMeld education with this video that explains how to navigate the management console, our API’s main hub.

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"[Anticipatory computing] is going to get good enough in certain areas that we’re going to wonder how we ever lived without it."

How far are we from realizing the omniscient Star Trek computer? NPR’s All Things Considered recently ran a story that captured the excitement surrounding predictive computing, and how this technology is “necessary to clear the digital clutter in our lives.” In the segment, Elise Hu interviewed Om Malik, our CEO Tim Tuttle, and even R2-D2, to give a deeper look into the developments happening in the anticipatory computing ecosystem. 

Listen to the piece by clicking the arrow at the bottom of this post, and glance over the corresponding article here.

(Source: NPR

Behind the Search: The Human Touch in Your Search Results

March 26, 2014

How are search engines able to sift through enormous databases to deliver exactly the right results? Watch our own Suvda Myagmar explain how there is a human touch involved in making your search results more relevant.

Learn more about search quality metrics and measurement methods with the previous installment in our “Behind the Search” series.

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The MindMeld API: Introducing the Management Console

March 25, 2014

MindMeld’s management console is a handy tool that lets developers view and maintain all of their apps that leverage our API. In the video above, watch as we take you through the ins and outs of the console’s main features.

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