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Get Your MindMeld Fix at API World in San Francisco!

August 29, 2014


We’ll be strutting our stuff at this year’s API World! The event is aptly named - it’s the world’s largest conference solely dedicated to providing developers with the best API solutions available. The 2014 conference will feature innovative APIs along with workshops on data visualization, API design and strategy, and other areas intended to give both developers and providers a leg up. A wide range of API categories will be represented, including communications, the Internet of Things, data, infrastructure, health, and many more.

Our team will be exhibiting in the main Expo Hall throughout the conference, and we’d love to meet you. If you’re a Bay Area-based developer, swing by our booth, learn more about the MindMeld API, and snag some swag! We’ll also be giving a talk on Wednesday, September 17th at 12:55 pm on the Main Stage.

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Back by popular demand! Learn more about the history of speech recognition in the second installment in our tech fact series: 

Tech Fact #2: The first speech recognition system was called Audrey, which stood for the Automatic Digit Recognizer. Developed by Bell Laboratories in 1952, Audrey could only recognize numbers and required speakers to pause 350 milliseconds between each word. While she was a little frustrating to use, Audrey helped pave the way for future developments in speech recognition.

Pair with this fact about the oldest audio recording of an American voice.

Good News for Smart Shoppers: Details on Our New Solution for Mobile Shopping

August 27, 2014


Have you ever reached for your smartphone to run a quick price check while shopping? You’re not alone. More and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices to comparison shop while on the go. However, the combination of clunky menus, enormous product offerings, and tiny screens make mobile shopping a painful experience. The path to the right product is muddled with endless pinching, zooming, and headaches. 

There’s help on the way. Today, we’re releasing a new solution to put an end to your comparison shopping nightmares. The MindMeld API lets any developer set up an intuitive shopping experience in their apps and websites by harnessing the power of intelligent voice search. Try out a quick demo right here.

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Expect Labs Puts Shopping on Steroids with a New Solution for Building Voice-Powered Product Discovery Applications

August 27, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO - August 27, 2014 - Consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to comparison shop in-store.  Today’s smartest shoppers routinely consult mobile shopping apps and websites to find product information and track down the best price before making a purchase.

In a world with large product catalogs and small smartphone screens, however, navigating to the right product can often be a cumbersome task — especially while scouring the aisles.  Even with the best mobile shopping apps, the smart shopper must often drop their shopping bags to tap through numerous menus or type a search with two hands.  For any serious shopper on a mission, this dystopian reality is entirely insufferable.

Avid fans of science fiction already know the solution to this problem: spoken voice commands can provide a much more efficient way for shoppers to quickly find product information when on-the-go.  While the technical capabilities to make this possible have finally arrived, developers eager to create these new voice-driven experiences still face formidable challenges. 

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"First we build the tools, then they build us." — Marshall McLuhan

We’re rolling out a collection of quotes that we turn to for inspiration, starting with the one above by Marshall McLuhan. The quote is taken from McLuhan’s seminal piece on media theory, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, written in 1964.

Have a favorite quote you think we should include on the blog? Leave a note in the comments!

Getting Started With Sample Apps: Multilingual MindMeld Voice

August 22, 2014


Confused about how to use the MindMeld API for your non-English speaking users? Get a quick lesson on how to embed multilingual support into your JavaScript apps with our newest sample app: Multilingual MindMeld Voice!

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Starting today, we’re going to serve you up with weekly facts related to anticipatory computing, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and other areas tied to the work we do here at Expect Labs. We hope you enjoy the series! Now, with no further ado, here is our first fact:

Tech Fact #1: The oldest audio recording of an American voice was made on Thomas Edison’s phonograph in 1877. A man and a woman recited “Old Mother Hubbard” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The man mixed up the words in the second rhyme and can be heard saying, “Look at me; I don’t know the song!”

Keep an eye out for more tech facts in the coming weeks!

NLP Fundamentals: What is Natural Language Processing?

August 20, 2014

Get a personal tour through NLP with our resident expert, Marsal Gavaldà! The video above will give you a peek into the world of natural language processing by examining one of Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits.

Stay tuned for more NLP videos by following us on YouTube

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A Computer Recently Passed The Turing Test. This Is A Really Big Deal, But Not For The Reason You Think.

August 19, 2014


By Timothy Tuttle, Founder & CEO of Expect Labs 

For centuries, the four-minute mile was the height of athletic achievement. Roger Bannister turned that apex on its head in 1954 when he completed the mile in three minutes and 59.4 seconds. Similarly, the Turing Test has been the high-water mark in the artificial intelligence community for the past six decades. The latest development occurred on June 8th, when a chatbot disguised as a 13-year-old Ukrainian teen passed the test. 33% of judges were shocked to learn that this quirky guy named Eugene Goostman had a heart not made of gold, but computer code.

Another artificially intelligent program has entered the scene, leaving many computer scientists scratching their heads about its implications. Some were hung up on the technicalities of Goostman’s achievements, claiming that the event was too calculated to merit a passing grade. This analysis misses the mark. Today’s systems are intelligent, intricate, and overflowing with more advanced computing power than ever before. As a result, we now need to decide if Turing’s age-old assessment is still a useful barometer of a machine’s intelligence. 

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Expect Labs Named One of 15 “Star Performers” by Speech Technology Magazine

August 18, 2014


Advanced speech technologies are just some of the many ingredients that make our API capable of voice-enabling practically anything. As a result of our work in this area, we’ve been honored with one of fifteen “Star Performer” awards by Speech Technology magazine along with Nuance, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The 8th annual Speech Industry Awards “represent the most innovative speech technology companies across the entire market,” and allows both large and more specialized companies to be recognized for their achievements. This year’s awards celebrates the strides made in intelligent assistant technology, wearables, voice search, natural language, visual IVR, and analytics. We’re absolutely thrilled to be included with other luminaries in the speech technologies field.

To read the full awards announcement, click here.

Need a Jumpstart into the MindMeld API? Explore Our Help Videos!

August 14, 2014


Our team has put together a comprehensive video library to make every step of our developer platform crystal clear. From getting started with the JavaScript SDK to understanding the Crawl Manager, we’re here with you every step of the way. 

Click on the image above to begin browsing through the full collection.

Getting Started With Sample Apps: MindMeld Continuous Voice for Android

August 13, 2014

We’ve rolled out a a bunch of Android, iOS, JavaScript, and NodeJS sample apps to help you get a clearer picture of what you can build with the MindMeld API. The next Android app we’re taking a deeper look at is the MindMeld Continuous Voice app built using our Android SDK

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Add Voice Search to Your Website in Minutes: Introducing the Voice Navigator!

August 12, 2014


Our MindMeld-powered Voice Navigator makes it a cinch for users to search your website using natural language. Once you enable the widget, our platform works hard to orchestrate easy search and discovery of your content. The great part about adding the Voice Navigator to your site is that all the complicated stuff is already taken care of, including: 

  • Capturing your users’ speech
  • Producing a real-time transcript of what your users are saying &
  • Displaying search results in the browser

Another useful aspect of the Voice Navigator is its extensive customization features. By personalizing the CSS of both the widget itself and the content cards, you can match the style of your pre-existing website and at the same time display your content any way you’d like.

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Expect Labs at the Intelligent Assistants Conference!

July 31, 2014


How can intelligent assistants enhance the quality of our lives? Get some insights at the inaugural Intelligent Assistants Conference on September 16th in San Francisco. The conference, backed by Opus Research, will explore the multiple ways personal assistant technology is revolutionizing our world, from customer service to the connected home. Since intelligent assistants enable users to access immense amounts of data just by asking simple questions, it opens up quite a few themes for discussion. A few of the topics that will be delved into include real-world applications, new opportunities for businesses, and a snapshot of key players in the field. 

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The MindMeld API: Getting Started With Simple User Authentication

July 30, 2014

Simple user authentication should be simple. That’s why we’ve created a new help video with step-by-step instructions on how to write a server that can securely authenticate the MindMeld API

If you missed it, check out this screencast on how to get up and running with the Ranking Dashboard. 

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