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The MindMeld API: Getting Started With Simple User Authentication

July 30, 2014

Simple user authentication should be simple. That’s why we’ve created a new help video with step-by-step instructions on how to write a server that can securely authenticate the MindMeld API

If you missed it, check out this screencast on how to get up and running with the Ranking Dashboard. 

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MindMeld Featured in PSFK’s Internet of Things Report

July 29, 2014

In conjunction with Intel, PSFK Labs recently published a report about the trends that are leading to a new surge of adaptive software that can understand and learn from users’ behavior. This trend has also been dubbed the “Internet of Things,” but PSFK believes “Real World Web” is a more suitable term because we are interacting with these technologies out in the real world, and not just on a single device.

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The Internet of Things & MindMeld

July 24, 2014


In 1999, Kevin Ashton mentioned the term the Internet of Things in a presentation on implementing RFID tags at Procter & Gamble. Fast forward fifteen years and the utopian buzzword is dropped in nearly every tech blog. The Internet of Things, recently nicknamed the Internet of Everything, describes a future where all objects are linked together. According to Ashton, his goal at the time was to emphasize the importance of computers sending and receiving data from other computers:

"We need to empower computers with their own means of gathering information, so they can see, hear and smell the world for themselves, in all its random glory… to observe, identify and understand the world—without the limitations of human-entered data."

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Getting Started With Sample Apps: MindMeld Voice for iOS

July 23, 2014


We’re excited to give voice to the next sample app in our collection: MindMeld Voice for iOS! This sample app is a great way to learn how speech-to-text services are integrated into our API, which enables you to capture your users’ speech, understand it, and deliver meaningful search results. Begin by playing around with the sample code below:

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Forrester Research Calls MindMeld a Top Startup Trend

July 22, 2014


What are the top trends that are making waves in the startup world? The MindMeld API was recently mentioned in a Forrester piece about three themes that startups and investors should focus on in the coming months. Self-service business models, task-specific platforms, and user data for enterprise are all areas that will become increasingly critical, according to analyst Michael Yamnitsky. 

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Announcing Our Partnership with In-Q-Tel

July 17, 2014


We’re excited to expand the reach of our MindMeld API through a new opportunity with In-Q-Tel, the nonprofit venture capital division that serves the U.S. Intelligence community. In-Q-Tel invests in companies that support the missions of government agencies and can deliver “ready-soon innovation” to make their projects more efficient. Through this strategic technology development and investment deal, agencies will use our platform to steep intelligent voice capabilities into an extensive range of applications.

The proliferation of keyboardless devices presents a challenge for users to effortlessly find the information they need at exactly the right time. Companies are currently using our API to build voice-powered assistants that automatically retrieve relevant information before a user ever has to type anything. Through our In-Q-Tel partnership, knowledge workers will be able to use MindMeld’s intelligent voice functionality to process large amounts of data in a more intuitive and natural way. 

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Expect Labs at SpeechTEK 2014!

July 16, 2014


Expect Labs’ Director of Research, Marsal Gavaldà, is heading to the Big Apple this summer to present at SpeechTEK’s annual conference. The event is sponsored by Speech Technology Magazine, and aims to pinpoint the most important speech technologies that will make user interactions more intuitive and automated. Gavaldà’s presentation will dissect the pros and cons of the two approaches to speech recognition, namely, phonetic- vs. word-based, that have so galvanized the speech analytics industry. In particular, Gavaldà will explain the science that underlies both phonetic indexing and speech-to-text and will analyze how these two competing technologies measure up in terms of speed, accuracy, and storage.

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The MindMeld API: Introducing the Ranking Dashboard

July 15, 2014

Make your search results more meaningful with the Ranking Dashboard. Take a quick video tour of the tool above and see how you can calibrate the importance of factors like relevance, recency, popularity, proximity, and any other custom ranking field that may be important to your data set. 

There are many ways you can optimize your content prior to using the dashboard. In this video, learn more about one of them. 

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Expect Labs Wins the MobileBeat Innovation Showdown!

July 11, 2014

We have a new addition to our trophy shelf! Our team is beaming with excitement from this week’s MobileBeat Innovation Showdown, where we took home the best early-stage startup award. Sponsored by VentureBeat, MobileBeat spotlights startups that are making strides in mobile. We’re fortunate to have been able to show the audience exactly how MindMeld can revolutionize the search experience by making information discovery as effortless as speaking to your device. Kudos to AppBoy for taking home the late-stage award!

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Good News for Couch Potatoes: Expect Labs Launches Solution for Voice-Driven Connected Home Applications

July 09, 2014


Ever settle on a lousy show to watch because you were simply too tired to continue searching? With the MindMeld API, the couch potato’s daily nightmare is now a thing of the past. Up until now, it was nearly impossible for a developer to bake intelligent voice search into their applications. The MindMeld API makes this capability — once siloed to larger companies — now available to anyone looking to create a rich, voice-driven content discovery experience for their users.

Connected devices will soon sprout up in every nook and cranny of our homes, and when we need to find something, we’ll simply be able to ask any one of our devices to immediately give us an answer. 

However, finding exactly the right thing to watch at exactly the right time is still nearly impossible today. On-screen guides are like labyrinths and remote controls make them even worse. It’s time for a better solution. 

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The MindMeld API: Introducing Multilingual Support

July 08, 2014

With MindMeld’s multilingual support, you can now understand your users in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian! Explore how you can easily enable this feature by watching the video tutorial above.

Continue your MindMeld knowledge with this video that explains how to improve your search results with semantic markup tags. 

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Getting Started With Sample Apps: MindMeld Voice for Android

July 03, 2014

Ready to revamp your Android apps? Look no further than the next sample app in our collection: MindMeld Voice for Android! With this application, you’ll uncover techniques on how to best integrate speech to text services into your Android projects so you can give your users a more intuitive, voice-driven experience.

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Expect Labs Selected as 1 of 8 Finalists in VentureBeat’s MobileBeat Innovation Showdown!

July 02, 2014


We’re thrilled that our team made it as a finalist in the MobileBeat Innovation Showdown! The event is part of VentureBeat’s annual conference on the future of mobile and aims to profile companies that are providing innovative solutions in the space. During the Showdown, we’ll have five minutes to talk about our MindMeld API in front of a panel of judges that include Trulia’s Kira Wampler, Foley & Lardner’s Todd Rumberger, and Samsung’s Brendon Kim. There will be two groups made up of early and mid-stage companies, and the most impactful pitch will be selected from each group.

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How to Voice-Enable Your Apps With the MindMeld API

June 30, 2014

The MindMeld API lets you understand what your users are saying so you can display exactly the right information at exactly the right time. In the video above, learn how you can get started building a voice-powered movie assistant that can easily answer questions about your favorite flicks.

Looking for an answer to a movie-related question? Try out our movie assistant for yourself right here!

New & Improved Search Ranking Algorithm!

June 26, 2014

MindMeld's search ranking algorithm is now better than ever! Our team has been hard at work calibrating the ranking algorithm so it can transform search queries into results your users actually care about. The algorithm relies on a variety of factors that you can adjust by visiting the Ranking Dashboard in the MindMeld Developer Center. For example, recency is an important factor if you have time-sensitive content, while popularity is useful if you have content that's related to entertainment.

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